Recent Projects:

Project Management database

Mike Griffiths & Associates:
Pocket PC database to enable on-site recording of archaeological findings

Field Archaeology Specialists:
Migration of database from Paradox to Access

On Site Archaeology:
Context database to run in parallel with GIS system

Northern Education Consultancy:
Online MySQL database to harvest information from prospective teachers

Mike Griffiths & Associates:
Combined desktop/web MySQL database to enable delivery of archaeological information via web site

Mardy Zombies:
Online MySQL database to collect song lyrics


Archaeoscope have been commisioned to design various databases to hold archaeological records such as context details, artefact descriptions, drawing and photographic information etc. for On Site Archaeology and Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd., and recruitment / job vacancy details / applicant details for the Northern Education Consultancy. The archaeological databases were created to operate in conjunction with GIS systems used by the two contracting units to help in the analysis of site data prior to publication of the findings. We have recently designed a project management database on behalf of ARCUS.

The Northern Education Consultancy database was designed to aid updates to their recruitment web site. An online MySQL database houses current job vacancies, and is linked via PHP to deliver dynamic content to various pages in their web site and provide an online search facility of the database. A second database is used to hold data on potential applicants looking for work, which applicants themselves can add to via an online form.

An example of a simple archaeological database housing plan records can be viewed at saida_index.php. This comprises two tables, one holding the drawing register and another holding information linking contexts to relevant drawings. The drawing records can be browsed by number, searched by keywords in their descriptions, or a context number can be entered and a list of relevant drawings will be returned. The results are linked to a CAD file of the drawing where one exists.

Database driven web sites need not be queryable, but can enable the client to perform their own updates. An example is the excavation & research page of this site, which delivers content from a database without the viewer necessarily being aware of this. Any addition to the database is immediately reflected in the page content without any alteration to the html coding. An example of database delivered archaeological context information can be viewed via the Archaeoscope context database. Here, the context list is extracted directly from the database, and further details are returned if a context number is clicked. Select a site from those listed below to view the context information.

Databases have also been designed to store archaeological and historical information relating to a potential major redevelopment of the Hungate area in York. We are also able to offer more general database design, usually implemented in familiar environments such as Microsoft Access, for general data management.