CAD Illustration & 3D Reconstruction

CAD Illustration

CAD services include illustration for publication drawings, sales brochures, museum displays and GIS manipulation, plan digitising etc. Plan and elevation digitising can also be done using rectified photography when required.

The examples below show a digitised site plan from an archaeological excavation in Lebanon, and an extract from a building survey (plans and elevations). The digitised plan illustrates a body dating to the Bronze Age, buried in a pottery jar. This drawing was prepared for publication in BAAL, the national journal of archaeology in Lebanon. The building survey was prepared for an architect in relation to a planning application.

burial illustration    building survey

3D Reconstruction & Animation

As an adjunct to CAD work, we are also able to offer static or animated 3D reconstructions in formats suitable for video, web and multimedia. The example shown on this page (reduced quality and size for web) was originaly created for a documentary program concerning an archaeological site in the Middle East. It shows the probable construction of a cellared building dating to the Late Bronze Age, and has used digitised site plans to define the various elements.

The sequence starts with the construction cut, followed by the laying of the cellar floor and walls. As the walls rise, the construction cut is gradually backfilled. The remainder of the animation is conjecture, based on traditional building techniques of the area, and on similar buildings found elsewhere.

The first three thumbnails to the left illustrate individual frames from an animated walkthrough of the same building during the night, lit by oil burning lamps. The second three thumbnails show frames from an animation of a stained glass window.

Similar techniques have been used in an occasional paper published by The Archaeological Planning Consultancy to illustrate the three dimensional distribution of artefacts recovered from an archaeological test pit.