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mardy zombiesDawn of the Dad… could it happen?

Already hailed as their most ambitious and least funny outing so far, 'Dawn of the Dad' (Mardy Zombies latest album) was bound to happen sooner or later, but three overwhelming factors were forged to make it nower. Firstly, both Pix and Tozer are dads - not so spooky in itself. Secondly, though, and this is spooky, is the former connection that eventually dawned on the dads.

PICTURE THE SCENE: A typical mid-decade evening of accoustic pollution deep within the saucy vaults of studio 'T' . Pix spies Tozer's freshly opened bottle of Netto's finest (£1.95) red 'Baron Romero'...

Pix:   "I wonder if that's what the 'B' stands for in George B. Romero?"
Tozer:   "George B. Romero?"
Pix:   "Yes, the director of that lesser known zombie classic 'Dawn of the Dad'."
Tozer:   "Oh, I know who he is, I've just never met anyone who'd heard of him or the movie. Frankly I'm stunned…"
Pix:   "Heard of it? I was in it!"
Tozer:   "You jest?"
Pix:   "I don't."
Tozer:   "I was in it too!"
Pix:   "Now you're the jester."
Tozer:   "I'm not."
Pix:   "I don't remember seeing you, what part did you play?"
Tozer:   "Grumpy flesh eater #17'. My tasks were simple, for the main I had to sit and fumble about,
stuck in a shopping trolley. In a later scene I had to scrap with another 'grumpy flesh eater' over a bit of woman. I forget his number though…"
Pix:   (with enigmatic smirk) "It was 'Grumpy flesh eater #8'…"
Tozer:   "Good gravy, YOU?"
Pix:   "Does this sound familiar? Urrrggghhhhhh gubb hhhrrr…"
Tozer:   "…That's uncanny!"
Pix:   "Quite."

That really is how it happened. A trifle strange it didn't come up earlier but there you go. The third and perhaps spookiest factor of all is alas too horrific to divulge at this time. Our apologies. Maybe you can work it out for yourself.


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